From Barry and Ruth
We Are Passionate About

Helping a Fatherless Younger Generation know God as a loving Dad.

Imparting to people a Prophetic Message of Hope and Encouragement to help them have the courage to live the Father’s Purpose for them.

Reaching across Generations, Denominations, Regions, and Nations to those with a yearning for Revival Fire to visit God’s people again.

Restoring the Love and Unity that ignited in the Book of Acts Revival, setting the world on fire.

Inspiring intimate worship in the Holy of Holies.

Featured Articles
An honest and insightful look at what caused the Book of Acts Revival to fade and eventually to be snuffed out. And what caused that fire to ignite that can happen again.
"I long to be with you as your very real Dad. You've been feeling so discouraged, wondering if My purpose for you will ever happen. I want to encourage you."
"On my mountain, people want to die they feel such hopelessness. I'm one of those men. I planned on killing myself when I went home after this seminar. But now I want to live!"
God has always looked for simple, ordinary people to use who have a passionate longing to seek His face and do whatever He asks of them. This is still His deepest longing.
“My heart aches to have My people come to be with Me. I long to be with My bride more than anything. Yet, they do not have time to be with Me.” I fell on my face and wept.