Ministry To Marriages

Through their teaching on marriage that is based on their book, “A Very Different Approach To Marriage,” Barry and Ruth vulnerably share their mistakes that caused their past relationships to fail, and what they have learned about how to have a happy, fulfilling marriage. What they impart is so honest and practical that it can encourage and strengthen any marriage. It can restore a husband and wife relationship even when the damage seems impossible to change.

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These are some reactions to this message:

Dr. Dan Hammer
Senior Pastor Sonrise Christian Center
Everett, WA

“Ruth and Barry Johnson have written a great book on a timely subject that delves into some tough issues. I highly recommend, ‘A Very Different Approach To Marriage.’ Their teaching and their lives bring encouragement to everyone they know and meet. It is a privilege to be their pastor and friend. They are also two very gifted individuals who have bravely handled a difficult subject with scriptural clarity. Today, many people choose not to deal with this subject. Yet we live in an age when many men have used their place as head of the home to dominate, abuse and control women. Consequently, there is an ever-increasing need to understand God’s perspective regarding the place of men and women in the marriage relationship.”

Dr. Adam Heck
“This little book helped my marriage by bringing to light the small issues that arise in relationships, and how to not allow them to fester, and grow into ‘marriage-killer’ problems. The chapter about not going to bed angry, and not harboring negative feelings toward your spouse, has caused a crucial change for my wife and I. Now, each time we talk, it brings us closer together. This book also helps you to relearn the gender roles in marriage, and how decisions should be made by both partners, and not leave all the important decisions to the man. Glad I found this book in the third year of my marriage. It changed our perspective.”

Karen McClure
“Ruth and Barry’s message and their book on marriage are all about husbands and wives being partners and best friends. I love how they capture how much fun you can have just by being yourself in a marriage, with no power struggle going on, and by honoring and using each other’s strengths. The scriptural basis for their message on marriage is solid and compelling. It ‘sets the captives free.’ Ruth and Barry bring a beautiful balance about marriage into the light.”

Paula Peterson
“Ruth and Barry have powerfully captured the key to making happiness in a marriage possible. I sent it to my friend who wants her relationship with her husband restored. She liked it so much that she ordered this book for her married children.”

Mary Lynne
“This is one of the best books I have read on marriage.”

“The truths that the authors cover in this book are revolutionary and freeing!”