Lighthouse of Hope for Women

Ruth ministers to women with a compelling understanding of the issues they face. Her vulnerably honest teachings revive hope. They restore lives and impact destinies. Young and old are radically inspired to “go for it” in the Father’s plan for them.

Ruth also ministers on the Harp as a Psalmist and during the Tabernacle of David worship, God comes with His Holy Visitation and His Shekinah Glory. Miracles happen. Supernatural healings transform devastated, broken places. The intimate, humble worship, and the descent of His Presence among us bring us face to face with the Lord of Hosts. We are broken and humbled in awe.

Over and over women say, “I will never be the same.”

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Descriptions by several women of what happens

The magnitude of genuine love and unity that filled the room, and the visitation of God’s manifest presence during worship were breathtaking. Our encounter with the Lord of Hosts was miraculously life-changing, especially when His mercy and His deeply healing hope was imparted to women who had been too hard on themselves because of their failures. They were delivered that moment, in an instant! It was truly miraculous! I was one of those women and I will never forget it.


Ruth teaches vulnerably, not from her successes, but from her mistakes and her most painful failures. Yet because of her honesty and vulnerability, courage to live life was renewed in the hearts of women. Destinies and callings were amazingly stirred up. Freedom became possible for many, right before our eyes, who had been struggling with deep discouragement, even despair. Miraculous healing took place in the most painful places in the lives who were there. Awe was on all our faces as we witnessed God coming into the midst of us so tangibly and igniting such radical transformation.


God’s cloud of Glory filled the room during worship. The pain in my heart began to heal. I soon knew I was going to be alright and God had answered the cry of my heart to help me. I was filled with hope. A whole new world opened up for me. That was the beginning of the most wonderful journey. My life has never been the same.


I arrived in a state of broken hearted grief, riddled with regret and emotional despair. Yet as Ruth taught and during the worship when God’s presence came among us and literally enveloped us, all this darkness was washed away and I was set free.


I found hope there, when everything in my life felt hopeless. I found an incredible freedom I had never known before. Being there showed me how to begin a Journey of growing, maturing and discovering the woman God intended me to be. I was miraculously restored to the purpose He has for my life and what happened stayed with me and continued to change me. It continued to help me have God’s peace and feel closer to Him each day.