A Message from Ruth about her books

Barry and I are excited about these books being available because each one is deeply impacting lives, destinies, and relationships.

A Very Different Approach To Marriage
This book is short. It’s an easy read. It’s bluntly honest. It’s also not at all like the Traditional Teachings on Marriage. In it Barry and Ruth vulnerably share their mistakes that caused their past relationships to fail, and what they have learned about how to have a happy, fulfilling marriage. What they express is so honest and practical that this book can encourage and strengthen any marriage. It can restore a husband and wife relationship even when the damage seems impossible to change.

Revival On The Horizon
This book grips the heart.
It moves to tears.
It pierces the soul with life-changing truth.

It has a powerful, timely message that can restore Christianity to what it was like in the Book of Acts, when what Jesus is all about spread like wildfire and changed the world. It also boldly explains how a move of God can be tragically hindered, and it passionately captures how a Revival Awakening can ignite and spread as a Holy Fire.

The Trip To Freedom
Unresolvable heartache, painful losses, and the agony of tormenting regrets can prevent anyone from being healed of their painful past. That’s why ever since Ruth walked through the door to freedom after forty-five years of the most horrific abuse, she has been passionate about helping others enter into that same transformation. In this book she explains in heart gripping ways how she became completely whole, happy and full of peace, and how the Father can most definitely do this for others.

These books can be ordered on Amazon.

Multiple copies can be ordered through Lighthouse of Hope at a discount. This makes it easy for friends and groups to study them together. Just contact us at the address or telephone number below, or email us by clicking on “Contact us”.