Lighthouse of Hope Ministries

About Lighthouse of Hope

In 1997 the Lord called Barry and Ruth to birth a ministry in the Northwest that could bring together people from across churches and denominations, generations and nations.

Gatherings began in their home with a small group of believers who longed for a revival of the lost truths that set the world on fire in the Book of Acts. They were passionate lovers of Jesus who earnestly wanted to understand how to live their lives to the fullest for God, though many had grown deeply discouraged and even painfully disillusioned about how to do that. The ministry grew and spread.

In 2001, Africa opened up to them. Over a period of eight years, they lived among the people for months at a time. They traveled deep into the bush to bring the Gospel to the most dangerous, outermost tribes in East Africa. Barry and Ruth also brought leaders from these tribes that were killing each other to live with them a week at a time in order to impart a message of unity and Jesus’s love for one another. These proud, dangerous tribal leaders wept and prayed and forgave one another. Walls came down. A brokenness caused all to seek the face of God in a radical new way. They learned how to love one another as His Family.

They also traveled to Mt. Elgon, to an isolated tribe on the mountain. When the unsaved witnessed the explosion of love and unity among the Christians at their meetings, and when they experienced the powerful Visitation of God’s presence during worship, they fell on their faces and worshipped and wept. Then they danced and celebrated in the streets because the Christians were loving one another. They asked the believers how they could be born again. Across the denominations the churches grew.

Wherever the Father sends Barry and Ruth, His calling on this Ministry continues to be this same passionate message that transforms lives and destinies.