From Barry and Ruth
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Revival igniting and spreading as a Holy Fire across generations, denominations and nations.

Restoration of the love and unity that exploded in the Book of Acts Revival and changed the world.

Helping a fatherless generation know God as a loving Dad.

Ruth’s Psalmist Ministry on the harp that powerfully brings people into the presence of God.

Intimate, from the heart, Tabernacle of David worship in the Holy of Holies.

Prophetic Ministry that inspires young and old to enter into God’s destiny for them.

Miraculous transformations that set people free.

Featured Articles
So many mistakenly think Revival will happen because of some big meeting or through a very anointed speaker. But God showed me in a deeply personal way that this is not what will cause it to happen.
Powerful insights into what it takes for a Revival Move of God to happen and a deeply honest message about what it takes for it to continue.
“The believers in China are hungry for God’s Spirit and for Revival. The message you bring, Barry and Ruth, of the Father, and love, and His presence is exactly what is needed the most desperately in China.” Michael Liu in Shanghai, China
This is a profoundly encouraging message about how earnestly the Father’s yearns to raise up the humble to do His mighty works at this time in the history of His people.
People came from all over the Mountain and repented and wept. The fire of God came down. Unbelievers looked up to heaven, overcome with awe.
No one moved on Kampala Road. The cars and people stopped moving and were completely silent. The Visitation of the Glory of God was astounding.