From Barry and Ruth
We Are Passionate About

Revival igniting and spreading as a Holy Fire across generations, denominations and nations.

Restoration of the love and unity that exploded in the Book of Acts Revival and changed the world.

Helping a fatherless generation know God as a loving Dad.

Ruth’s Psalmist Ministry on the harp that powerfully brings people into the presence of God.

Intimate, from the heart, Tabernacle of David worship in the Holy of Holies.

Prophetic Ministry that inspires young and old to enter into God’s destiny for them.

Miraculous transformations that set people free.

Featured Articles
By the time I was 30, I had experienced every type of brutally scarring abuse. Yet that heartache has no longer has any power over me at all. It’s as if the overwhelming pain had never occurred. This is how I found that radical freedom.
People often weep when they read about a woman who as a child on a remote mountain in Uganda suffered excruciating pain from witchdoctors. This is her story of the miracle that set her free.
I was always searching for someone to love me because of the broken, empty place in my heart where I needed a father to love me. But it had never happened for me. This is a story of how God the Father can become our very real “Dad.”
"I long to be with you as your very real Dad. You've been feeling so discouraged, wondering if My purpose for you will ever happen. I want to encourage you."
"On my mountain, people want to die they feel such hopelessness. I'm one of those men. I planned on killing myself when I went home after this seminar. But now I want to live!"
The crossroads decisions we make are so profoundly important that the direction we take can have a rippling effect for years to come and even for a lifetime.