From Barry and Ruth
We Are Passionate About

Revival igniting and spreading as a Holy Fire across generations, denominations and nations.

Restoration of the love and unity that exploded in the Book of Acts Revival and changed the world.

Helping a fatherless generation know God as a loving Dad.

Ruth’s Psalmist Ministry on the harp that powerfully brings people into the presence of God.

Intimate, from the heart, Tabernacle of David worship in the Holy of Holies.

Prophetic Ministry that inspires young and old to enter into God’s destiny for them.

Miraculous transformations that set people free.

Featured Articles
Abba Father cares deeply that we not give up on living for Him with all our heart.
A deeply encouraging message from Abba Father about Him using us to accomplish His Kingdom Purposes
This is a powerful story about how the Presence of God can crush any evil that comes against us.
Our choices can change the course of our day, our year, or even our life’s direction. This is the story of our journey through some very difficult choices.
“The believers in China are hungry for God’s Spirit and for Revival. The message you bring, Barry and Ruth, of the Father, and love, and His presence is exactly what is needed the most desperately in China.” Michael Liu in Shanghai, China
We encountered a young boy on a remote mountain in East Africa. He smelled of old urine and human feces. Maggots crawled all over him. None of us will ever forget how the Father used this boy to help the people to see how He wants us to love.