We are excited about Ruth’s new writing:

The response to this message from across the Body of Christ and internationally has been incredible. This is the common thread in the comments: “Your teaching, Ruth, on this topic is seriously needed because there is so much happening in the use of the prophetic that is hurting people. Your new writing exposes what is causing this damage. It also liberates people to enter into a new freedom in the prophetic, but in a safe, balanced, Word-based way.”

We are also very excited about our new calling to China.

The article about this is on our opening page. That account of our month of ministry in Shanghai captures our longing to return to the precious people of China.

We are hugely excited about Ruth’s two new books:

Revival on the Horizon

The Trip to Freedom

Since these books were published in 2015 they have impacted people across the nations. They can be ordered on Amazon.

During our Meetings for Women:

Longed for Healing in Devastated Places is taking place. Restoration to Hope is reviving hearts and awakening destinies. The Tabernacle of David worship in the Holy of Holies and the Visitation of God’s Presence fill us with awe. We are so excited and grateful!

In all our Gatherings:

Lives are being radically transformed. Miracles are happening right before our eyes. Unforgettable moments of learning how to love like Jesus are healing relationships and restoring lives. We are very excited about all this happening!