About Ruth and Barry


At the age of six, God visited Ruth in a vision and told her He was going to use her to reach countless people in her lifetime. At thirty years of age, He told her: “I have called you for a set purpose. I have taken you by the hand. I have formed you for the rescuing of My people, to be a light to the nations, to open eyes that are blind, to free captives from their bondage, and free darkened lives from prison” (Isaiah 2:6-7). This is her heart and her passion.

Through Ruth’s Prophetic Ministry on the harp, people experience an intimate encounter with God’s presence that helps them to draw closer to Him in ways they’ve longed for. Her Prophetic Ministry of Encouragement revives the barren places in people’s lives. Whenever she teaches, it is with honest transparency about her own failures. This vulnerability reaches deep into the souls of those listening, inspiring radical changes and igniting hope about the Father’s destiny for them. Whenever she talks about the compassionate heart of the Father, young and old get to know Him as a kind, loving Dad, often for the first time.


From the moment he met Ruth and married her in 1991, they both knew they were kindred and that God wanted them to serve Him together. So they love to travel and speak. But the favorite part of their life is that they are each other’s best friend, and the joy of their life is serving the Father as a husband and wife team. In all this, Barry’s love for Ruth shines through all he says and does. This clearly evident and genuine caring and support for her are an inspiration wherever they go to minister.

Barry is co-founder with Ruth of Lighthouse of Hope. He is a uniquely gifted teacher. Whenever he speaks his powerful insights help people to get set free of mindsets that are holding them back from entering into all God has for them. His tremendous background in the Word brings a richness and depth to his teachings that are stunning at times. His tears as he humbly, honestly pours out his heart about his own struggles give people, both young and old, renewed hope and wisdom for their own lives. The mantle on him as a “father in the faith” also deeply affects the younger generation who most often have never known a father’s love. It opens the door into their hearts, allowing God to become their new Dad so that they never again have to walk through life without a Father’s love.