Our Passion

We are passionate about imparting to the Body of Christ:

Restoration of what exploded in the Book of Acts Revival that radically changed the world.

Teaching and Prophetic Ministry that restore hope, ignite transformation, and inspire courage in young and old to enter into God’s purpose for them.

Intimate, Tabernacle of David Worship with the Harp that brings a Powerful Visitation of God’s Presence and His Glory.

Equipping people to decisively put the past behind them and begin to fully live all that God has for them.

Revelation of the Father as a kind, caring “Dad.”

Helping husbands and wives to have a happy, healthy relationship, and how to heal the damaged places in their marriage.

Bringing to Pastors and Leaders encouragement, refreshing, equipping for ministry, and a renewing of God’s purpose for their lives and ministries.


Wherever the Father sends us, we are compassionately aware of the deepest kind of discouragement in more and more of the Father’s own children. Though they know and love His Son Jesus, they are sadly adrift in life, with no sense of meaningful purpose. Many actually started out enthusiastically pursuing what they knew God wanted them to do. But somewhere along the way, they gave up because they didn’t understand what to do during the difficult times to keep pressing on. They had no idea how crucial it is to be tenaciously determined to make the right choices, no matter how they were feeling. Witnessing this tragic loss everywhere the Father sends us, we are compelled to share a message of hope and a ministry of encouragement so that men and women, young and old can find their way to what their life is all about.

Sadly, there are also multitudes of Christians who are suffering with crippling loss because they’ve never experienced the love of a kind Dad. We’ve personally witnessed how this heartbreaking emptiness affects people. We are deeply moved by their sadness and pain. At the same time, we are profoundly thankful that everywhere God calls us to go, we witness Christians and the unsaved experiencing a radically life-changing encounter with the Father’s love, often for the very first time.

And at this time in the history of Christianity, there is an epidemic of those who, though they are born again, long for a closeness to God they’ve lost or never experienced. Therefore we are compelled to impart a message about simple, from the heart worship. In response believers are finding their way back to their longed for closeness with the Father.