“Please Remember My Son”

By Ruth Johnson

“Please remember, as if it was only yesterday, why My Son Jesus came.

Please don’t let the remembrance of Him grow dim for you with the passage of time.

I urge you to be moved by this plea from My heart. Though the whole world may forget how My Son lived, and why He died, please don’t forget that He came to show you how to take My love to a hurting, lost world that is in so much pain and suffering with such darkness and hopelessness. These are the ones passing by you each day who are in great need of experiencing through you the simple, humble kindness of My love.

Please carry an awareness of all this in your heart wherever you go. Then even without a word being spoken, you will carry My presence. As you pass through the marketplace where people reject Me and despise Me, wondrous things will happen just because you walked by with My presence upon you, just like happened to My friend Peter. That is how close I yearn for you to walk with Me at a time when the embers of the Gospel have grown cold, even among many of My own children.

I plead with you, in the days ahead hear the cries of My heart for the discouraged and those in distress who have no peace. They are lost. They don’t know how to find My hope. As never before, please long to have the love I revealed through My Son Jesus burn in your being like fire so that you can bring it to them for Me.

While you take all this into your heart, I promise that I will use you to make a difference in the lives of countless people in your lifetime. Most often one life, one moment at a time, just like happened to My Son.” Your Father and your Dad