The Fire of God’s Glory

By Ruth Johnson

A terrible darkness is ominously and rapidly increasing
among the people of the nations.

Our God yearns to come again with His glory.

Even now, His voice is declaring this message and the
sound of His voice is that of a loud Trumpet:

“Look at the nations and be amazed. Watch and be astounded at what I will do. For I am going to do something in your own day, something you wouldn’t believe even if someone told you about it. Therefore, My people, please cry out to Me in prayer. I urge you to come close to Me and with a longing to seek My face.

For I am going to pour out, as never before, My mighty miracles, My supernatural deliverances and healings to set people free from the desperation of their pain.

The good news about My Son Jesus is going to spread.

The revelation of Me as a kind, caring Father is going to comfort and transform the lives of the fatherless across the generations and the nations.

This is why I’m earnestly seeking and searching for simple, ordinary people to bring My healing, redeeming love to the lost, the hurting, the despairing, and those who need My hope for their troubled souls.

But to prepare the way for this new Wind of My Spirit and this coming of My glory, I need My own people to humble themselves with brokenness in My holy presence about anything in their hearts that could hinder My Revival from coming again upon My church. Only those who are broken in repentance for anything they are doing that is grieving Me can I trust with My full favor on what I’ve planned and destined them to do.

For I am coming.

Yet it’s with the Consuming Fire of My Glory. In that Holy Fire, only the humble will be raised up to do My mighty works that are desperately needed at this time in the history of mankind.

The ones whom I will anoint the most powerfully to be used by Me in this hour are those who have sincerely wanted to find their way back to their first love for Me, and who long to love others with My love and My heart. This is what matters the most to Me and My Son, Jesus.

Only those who know to the depths of their souls that they must decrease, and I must increase, will I be able to fully trust for My purposes.

Therefore, although a terrible darkness is indeed covering the earth, I am rising upon My Church and it’s going to be a Radical Awakening. Because of My tender mercy, a light from heaven is about to break upon My people once again. To give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death and to guide them to the path of My peace.

So arise, shine.

Your light has come.

My glory is arising.

I’m going to appear upon you.

Generations will be changed by the light of My hope and My holy presence you will bring to them.”

Your Father and your Dad

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