Fulfilling Our Purpose

We all need to be encouraged to “Go for it!” because the Father has a “hope and a future” for us. Through these writings, you will be strengthened to have the courage to keep moving forward in His hope and future for your life. You will find help to not give up on the Father’s plan and purpose for your life, no matter what obstacles come your way. These messages will give you practical insights into how to rise up on wings like an eagle. In that rising up, you will understand more clearly how to enter into an amazing freedom.

A deeply encouraging message from Abba Father about Him using us to accomplish His Kingdom Purposes
Powerful insights into what it takes for a Revival Move of God to happen and a deeply honest message about what it takes for it to continue.
Our choices can change the course of our day, our year, or even our life’s direction. This is the story of our journey through some very difficult choices.
“The believers in China are hungry for God’s Spirit and for Revival. The message you bring, Barry and Ruth, of the Father, and love, and His presence is exactly what is needed the most desperately in China.” Michael Liu in Shanghai, China
God has always looked for simple, ordinary people to use. He is still doing that. This message grips the heart with that encouragement.
A life-changing message about how to stop the damage of our past from poisoning our present, and how to end it robbing us of God’s encouraging plan and future for us.
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