God Has A Purpose For You

By Ruth Johnson

When I was a young child, my family lived in the slums of South Boston. In our cold water flat, we were at the bottom of society. The years we lived in the Projects were the worst. I felt lost, and horrifically scared by the treacherous darkness and brutal violence all around me. As I got older, I had no worthwhile future to look forward to. My failures and mistakes were many. I felt like a useless, meaningless mess and I couldn’t see any possible way for my life to ever be different. Yet, one day God helped me to see my life through His eyes. This is what He told me. He is speaking it to anyone who feels beat up by life, and doesn’t think he has much value at all.

“My child, go for it!

As you do, please remember young David.

I took him from a lowly, hidden away place, where no one thought he would amount to anything, and I greatly used him to make a difference in the lives of others.

I did that even though he failed in many ways.

His failures could not stop My destiny for him, because I saw the sincere humbleness of his heart.

I promise you, that if you will love Me and trust Me with that same humbleness, I will do the same for you. Your life will have a meaning that is far beyond what others, and even yourself, have thought could happen. Therefore, I urge you to lay down the limitations you have put on yourself, and those that others have put on you.

I also want you to know that I compassionately understand all the times you have felt like an invisible outsider when you have been with others, including among My people.

But, that is not how I see you.

You are never invisible to Me.

So please take My hand. I will help you to live the life I have planned for you.

Please also come often to have simple times of closeness with Me, talking to Me honestly about all that is in your heart. Each time you come, I will renew in you the courage to live the life that I have destined for you, since before you were even born.”

Your Father and your Dad
Isaiah 41:13, 43:2 NLT
Jeremiah 29:11 NLT
Hosea 2:15 NLT
Psalm 103:5, 13, 71:6 NLT

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