The Father Says, “Please Come”

By Ruth Johnson

Oh My beloved child, please come.

Not only will you be in My presence where you will be transformed in very encouraging ways, but how I long to be in your presence.

How I long to be with you as your very real Dad.

As you come, I will embrace you as My beloved child.

I will comfort you as no one else can comfort you.

I will heal you, and it won’t take years and years. Instead, with each touch of My kind Father’s love upon you, you will go miraculously from healing to healing.

Each time you come to be close to Me, I will refresh your weary, broken places so that when you turn and face your life again, you will be amazed. All the circumstances will still be the same.

But everything will look different because of the impartation of My Spirit and the refreshing of My Spirit upon you.

I say to you, even run into My presence with an open willing heart and I will breathe upon you. My breath will revive My destiny in you that you’ve been feeling so discouraged about, wondering if it will ever happen.

Oh come, and I will end your aimless wandering.

I will usher you into the place of breakthrough that you long and ache to enter into.

I assure you that as you lay down all the thoughts of yourself, and all the thoughts of your pain and difficulties, and you come to meet with Me, then I, the Lord and your Father who loves you more than you could ever hope for or imagine, will come to be with you in that holy place. I will grant you the breakthrough you long and ache to enter into.

In that closeness with Me, you will be deeply encouraged because you will hear My voice. Then I can show you what I’m doing in your life, your calling, your destiny, your work, your ministry.

As you enter into that most sacred place of closeness with Me, and as you come with simple, childlike words of worship to just be with Me, I will anoint you afresh with my prophetic anointing. I will open up to you the secrets on My heart and reveal to you what I’m doing among My people and for the hurting and lost of the nations.

As you bow your heart, your knees, your whole life before Me with humble, repentant brokenness, the demonic forces, and all the mountains of opposition that have risen up against you, and against those you hold dear, will melt like wax in the fire. They will disappear like smoke being blown in the wind.

As you draw close to Me, putting all your focus on Me, the enemies of your soul will crumble like dust. The forces of evil will run away in stark terror because of My presence and My glory that are resting upon you, enveloping you and transforming you.

Behold, I want to do a new thing in your life and oh, My child, can you see that this new thing has already begun?

All I ask for you to do is die to every mindset that is holding you back, discouraging and defeating you, and come often to just be with Me in My presence.

I long for you to come and be close to Me.

I yearn for you to let Me be your very real Dad so that I can fulfill the words that I’ve just spoken to you.

So please, when you awaken each morning, before you do anything else, want to be with Me. Throughout each day, talk to Me as a dearest friend does with his dearest friend. When you put your head on the pillow each night, fall asleep telling Me you love Me. But not in fancy words. Just in childlike, simple, from the heart, sincere words.

If you wake up in the night troubled, anxious, or afraid, instantly start talking to Me. Begin to think about My presence and needing to be close to Me. I will come to be with you. I will come in a heartbeat. And you will feel safe and protected by My love for you. You will be able to peacefully fall asleep in My sheltering presence.

If you will have a sincere desire to live like this, you will be one of My servants through whom I will show forth My glory. You will be one of My godly ones who will bless Me. You will speak of the glory of My Kingdom and talk of My power. To make known to the sons of men My mighty acts and the glory of the majesty of My Kingdom.

Your Father and your Dad

Psalm 68:2 NASB Personalized
Psalm 145:10-12 NASB Personalized