The Father’s Love For China

By Barry Johnson

While we were ending our first time in China in January 2017, this is a prophetic word that the Father gave to Barry:

China, O China
I am the Father in Heaven who has come to speak to you
My heart aches as I look at your masses of people.
I see the emptiness and pain in your souls.
I long to fill that emptiness.
I long to remove the pain.
I am here to tell you that I will do this for you.
I want to fill that emptiness with peace.
I want to replace the pain with hope.
I have made a way for you to have the
Peace and hope you long for.

China, O China
I must tell you that you will not find that peace and hope
In the things of this world.
You will not find them with money.
You will not find them in people.
You will not find them in fame or power.
You can only find them in me.

China, O China
I have sent my Son Jesus to die for you.
To remove all your shame and condemnation.
To make you My children.
I love you that much.
I am sending my Spirit to comfort you
Like a kind gentle Mother.
The Spirit will fill you and empower you with My love.

China, My China
You are precious to Me.
I long to hold you in My arms to comfort you.
I love you.
Your Abba Father

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