A Very Different Approach To Marriage

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Description of “A Very Different Approach To Marriage”
This book is short. It’s an easy read. It’s bluntly honest. It’s packed with powerful insights that will encourage and strengthen any husband and wife relationship. It equips singles to understand, before they get married, how to have a healthy Marriage. It is written with an honest transparency about the failures of the authors. This vulnerability reaches deep into the souls of people, inspiring radical changes and restoring hope. It’s also not at all like the Traditional Teachings on this subject.

From the Back Cover
Dr. Dan Hammer
Senior Pastor Sonrise Christian Center
Everett, WA

“Ruth and Barry Johnson have written a great book on a timely subject that delves into some tough issues.


Their teaching and their lives bring encouragement to everyone they know and meet. It is a privilege to be their pastor and friend.

They are also two very gifted individuals who have bravely handled a difficult subject with scriptural clarity. Today, many people choose not to deal with this subject. Yet we live in an age when many men have used their place as head of the home to dominate, abuse and control women. Consequently, there is an ever-increasing need to understand God’s perspective regarding the place of men and women in the marriage relationship.”

A Message
From The Authors
Ruth and Barry Johnson

“There are those in their twenties and thirties who are married, or they are talking about it. But they have rejected the commonly taught teachings on marriage. They want a really different approach. Yet, they don’t know how to find it. More and more frequently, this younger generation is telling us: ‘We see how genuinely close, free, and happy you are with each other. We want to learn from you how to have that kind of relationship.’ Singles of all ages are also making that same comment. Most of them have experienced unsuccessful or unhealthy relationships, and they want to know what it takes to have what they see in our marriage. Each of these men and women helped us to realize that now is the time for us to tell our story and write this book.”

About the Authors
From the moment Ruth and her husband, Barry, were married in 1991, the favorite part of their life has been that they are each other’s best friend, and that they get to serve the Father together, as a husband and wife team. Wherever they speak or minister, their passion is to bring a message that reaches deep into the souls of people, restoring hope, and inspiring life-changing transformation.