Revival on the Horizon

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Description of “Revival on the Horizon”
This book is filled with hope for the generations. It pierces the soul with the longing of God for Revival. It passionately stirs up His Revival Fire that He yearns to spread across the nations. It captures with vulnerable honesty the transformation that is needed in our personal choices so that we can be part of spreading this Holy, radically life-changing Fire. “Revival on the Horizon” also grips the heart about an Awakening to Book of Acts unity and love, and a humble closeness to the Father in worship. It captures why Restoration to these foundational Gospel truths are seriously needed so that believers can fulfill their destiny to make a difference in this hour of the history of Christianity.

From the Author
To be loved is the deepest longing of the human heart. The longer anyone lives without it, the more painful their loneliness will become. Yet when people encounter sincere caring, a miracle can happen that can change them. It can renew their courage. For those who are in despair, it gives them a reason to want to live. This is why it’s tragic that across the generations, tribes, cultures and nations, more and more of God’s own children are feeling empty inside. They long for a sense of community. They need a place where they belong, where someone “sees” them and cares about them. “Revival on the Horizon” powerfully captures what it’s going to take for this genuine love to be restored to the Body of Christ. Knowing that this is how the Father is going to use this book is what means the most to me.

From the Back Cover
Revival is never about new truth being revealed. It’s always the restoration of lost truth that the Father longs for His people to earnestly care about once again. This is why there is a desperate need in this hour for an Awakening to the truths of love and unity that in the early church “turned the world upside down” (Acts 17:6 AMP). That taking place drew in the unsaved as they witnessed a genuine love and an unselfish unity between the new believers they had never seen before. Then down through the ages, the story of God’s people has been about the ache in the Father’s heart for this love and unity to be restored to His church.

“The more our culture turns against Christianity, the more we need to heed the message of this book. Thank you for this timely message.” Pastor Hughes Protzman, Mukilteo, WA

“I pray this book will be a best seller. Such truth is seldom told. But here it is!” Pastor Edwin Wile, Gravenhurst, Ontario Canada

“I believe this book will be a great source of freedom and hope for many people.” Pastor Doug Martin, Everett, WA

“‘Revival on the Horizon’ is a must read for this generation! In this book, Ruth and Barry offer hope and encouragement to every reader.” Pastors Russ and Kim Babcock, Snohomish, Washington

“Ruth writes with a striking compassion for the church, for young people and for those who have been broken in life. These pages are filled with hope and encouragement that God can truly change your life.” Pastor John Hammer, Everett, Washington

About the Author
Our passion as a husband wife team is for Revival to ignite in the Body of Christ and become a Holy Fire that impacts generations, denominations, nations. Wherever we bring this message, young and old are radically changed by a supernatural Visitation of God’s Presence that descends into each Meeting. Our vulnerable honesty about our own failures restores hope where there was the worst kinds of discouragement and the darkness of despair. Miraculous transformations happen. A Prophetic Ministry of Encouragement revives the weary, broken places in people’s lives. They are set free to live the Father’s plan for their lives so that they can become part of His earnest longing to spread His Revival Fire.