Revival Message

Revival is stirring. It’s bursting forth. But Revival is not a meeting. It’s not a conference. It’s not an event. It’s not a powerfully anointed speaker. Revival is a Radical Awakening in a child of God which transforms our character so profoundly that wherever we go we carry His Presence, His Glory, His Transforming Life, His Amazing Love. We make a supernatural difference in the lives and destinies of others. The signs and wonders and miracles of Jesus follow us.

Revival is also not about a new truth being revealed. It’s always the restoration of a lost truth that the Father longs for His people to earnestly care about once again. This is why there is a desperate need in this hour for an Awakening to the truths of love and unity that in the early church “turned the world upside down.” Acts 17:6 AMP That taking place drew in the unsaved as they witnessed among the new believers a love and unity they had never seen before.

Then down through the ages, the story of God’s people has been about the ache in the Father’s heart for these radically life-changing truths to be restored to His church. He understands that to be loved is the deepest longing of the human heart. The longer anyone lives without it, the more painful their loneliness will become. Yet when people encounter sincere caring, a miracle can happen that can change them. It can renew their courage. For those who are in despair, it gives them a reason to want to live. This is why it’s tragic that across the generations, tribes, cultures and nations, more and more of God’s own children are feeling empty inside. They long for a sense of community. They need a place where they belong, where someone “sees” them and cares about them. Our Revival Message captures what it’s going to take for this genuine love to be restored to the Body of Christ. Knowing that this is how the Father is powerfully using this Message means the world to us because we feel passionately about Revival igniting and spreading as a Holy Fire across generations, denominations and nations.

Ruth’s “Revival on the Horizon” book is also filled with hope for the generations. Its passionate message grips the heart. It moves to tears. It pierces the soul with the fire of God. It equips believers in extraordinarily practical, simple ways how they can be part of the unprecedented move of God that the Father is pouring pour out across the nations. Reading this book can also can cause you to believe, again, that the Father has a purpose for your life, and no matter what, He still desires to use you!

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