Worship Message

The Father has anointed Ruth to teach on worship.

She also ministers on the Harp as a Prophetic Psalmist and leads His people into Tabernacle of David worship in the Holy of Holies.

In that Holy Place of face to face intimacy with the Lord, He comes with a powerful Visitation of His Glory. Young and old are humbled in His Presence. People go free in the singing of the “new song” of heaven. God pours out miraculous breakthroughs and healings. There’s a life-changing impartation of the Father’s peace.

Those who have longed for His Presence are overcome with hushed awe. It’s as if heaven envelopes all who are gathered, as the voices of God’s children flow with the harp in worship.

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Worship Message and Psalmist Ministry to your Church or Group,
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People share how Ruth’s teaching on worship and her Psalmist Ministry on the harp affected them:

“Being together in the presence of the Lord was astounding. The way I see my life is radically changed and it happened so quickly. My hope is renewed. I have a deeper peace than I’ve ever known. The Father used Ruth’s teaching on worship and her psalmist ministry on the harp, to pierce my soul. I never understood how much God longs for me to draw close to Him in simple, humble, from the heart worship. And when Ruth prophesied on the harp, the words brought freedom to my soul. I’m filled with awe.”


“God’s cloud of Glory filled the room during worship. The pain in my heart began to heal. I knew I was going to be alright and God had answered the cry of my heart to help me. I was filled with hope. A whole new world opened up for me. That was the beginning of the most wonderful journey. My life has never been the same.”


“I arrived at the meeting in a state of broken hearted grief, riddled with regret and emotional despair. Yet as Ruth taught and during the worship, God’s presence came among us and literally enveloped us. All the darkness I was struggling with was washed away and I was set free.”