Lighthouse of Hope Meetings

This is what happens at our Lighthouse of Hope Meetings and Conferences

The igniting of a Holy Fire that radically changes lives.

Impartation of a deeply impacting message of Hope and Encouragement.

People being profoundly strengthened to fully walk in God’s purposes for them.

Prophetic Ministry that stirs up courage to live passionately for Jesus.

Life-changing revelation of God as a loving Father.

Radical breakthroughs into liberating freedom.

Restoration of relationships and marriages.

Tabernacle of David Worship with the Harp that brings a powerful Visitation of God’s Presence and draws His children, and the lost, into an intimate encounter with the Lord in the Holy of Holies.

Equipping people to walk in the same love and unity that exploded in the Book of Acts and changed the world.

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Descriptions of what happens by those who have attended

There was a powerful Visitation of God’s presence. We all sensed something sacred and holy was taking place. A revival kind of unity of heart and spirit caused the Fire of God to sweep through the room. Instantly lives were visibly affected. An awareness of the manifest presence of God completely enveloped us. There was such an overwhelming presence of God that across the generations people bowed low or were prostrate. All we could sing in hushed awe and for quite some time was “Holy, Holy, Holy are You Lord God Almighty. All heaven and earth are filled with Your glory.” All this was breathtaking. Powerful miracles happened right before our very eyes in hearts and lives. It was as though throughout entire Meeting there was a holy hush of heaven upon us.


Something heart wrenching began to take place as Barry started to teach. He began to weep and weep. He wept to the point of not being able to continue. Each of us in the room was caught up as we shared this moment with Barry, a broken, humble man. Many of us wept as he poured out his heart that the day before things were so difficult that he was ready to quit. But the Resurrection power of the Lord kept him going. Then another man in the room who had been struggling with a terrible discouragement began to weep and cry out to the Father. Then we worshiped together passionately and with all our hearts. No one wanted the worship to end. No one actually wanted to move. Each of our hearts was gripped by the tears of brokenness by the men especially. I’m still in awe. I know I’ll never be the same.


It was a tremendously encouraging time as heaven descended and we all shared the excitement of new direction and opportunities for us. There was an amazing connection and appreciation for one another as we poured out our hearts. God’s presence was so strong that many bowed or lay prostrate on the floor, united in worship while Ruth played the harp. I will always remember this time as I know something new and fresh was started by the Father in my life


With faces lifted up toward heaven, we worshipped with all our soul and all our strength. Everyone’s countenance shined with the Glory of the Lord. During those amazing moments it was as if time stood still. Miracles took place that radically changed people’s lives.


Through Barry’s simple, but profound teaching from the Word, young and old, men and women found new courage, renewed hope, and fresh vision for the path He longs for us to walk on so that we might each fulfill His purposes in this hour. We passionately united in worship to the Lord of the Nations who is desperately needed at this time as terrible darkness is increasing. We also grew in how to love one another in real, practical ways that are solidly rooted in the teachings of Jesus and caused the Gospel to spread as this Word-based love was lived out by the early believers. There was also an overwhelming sense that we were learning how to walk in the same unity that changed everything in the Book of Acts.